Medicinal Plants: Sauco, Caribbean Elder Flower

Sauco, Caribbean Elder Flower  (Sambucus mexicana) 
Part Used: Flower and Berry

Flowers: Great for fevers, especially in children. Helps move through viral eruptions such as chicken pox, herpes and scabies. Great wash for itchy, flaky skin and periodontal disease.

Berries: Anti-viral, Strengthens veins and eyes. Makes a lovely cough syrup, make sure not to use seeds as they are poisonous.

Note:The bark is an emetic. Do not burn the bark or any other parts of the plant. It is sacred to the Goddess Hecate the Goddess of the Crossroads, put flowers on you’r alter dedicated to her to help you make decisions. Wood can be made into wind chimes to take away negative thoughts. The bush is good in the garden as a spiritual protector, to either call positive spirits or ward negative ones. She helps tune your psychic awareness.