Nic Rotundo

Nic has an insatiable thirst to see this multi-faceted world and drink in all that his senses can aspire to take in. He has studied, among other focuses, automotive diagnostics (emissions testing) and horticulture with an emphasis in permaculture, phytoremediation, hydroponics, aquaponics, permaculture, organic fertilizer sourcing and development. He was responsible for planting 80,000 trees with locally sourced resources to build soil in Fiji for biofuels production in the first of its kind to be done completely organically. He also set forth making resorts, hotels and hostels in the south Pacific throughout Asia autonomous with their produce production. Nicolas has spoken to the Ministry of Agriculture of China about adopting new methods for their cultivation. He also was invited to speak at a climate summit for the Pacific region held in Fiji. In working with Stephen and Sarah, he manages the farm at Punta Mona and was invited to speak at Envision Festival about regenerative science. He has studied and developed plant-based medicines for over 10 years. Nicolas spear-headed and co-authored a very successful business model in alternatives to pharmaceuticals supporting veterans through the Wounded Warrior Battalion and VA Hospital. A mechanical mind with a botanical heart.