Permaculture - Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical



Permaculture is a multidisciplinary study, set of principles and ethics that offer a guideline and methodology to conserve and regenerate natural systems, intentionally design human settlements and maximize efficiency and while using less energy.

There are many course out there teaching permaculture! This is wonderful for the World!

If you are trying to chose one course over another, here are some reasons to do it at Punta Mona:

* We are a 20 year old permaculture farm with extensive food forests, so you get to see the progression.
* We are also a botanical collection of over 250 fruit tree species, over 150 identified medicinal plants and countless other roots, veggies, natives and naturalized species! Surround yourself in abundance!
* We have been teaching permaculture since 2001, our teachers have worked not only their own land, but have been a part of numerous other projects, so you get a broad perspective and experiences to learn from.
* We are off-the-grid, immersed in the wild, so you get to disconnect to deeply reconnect with the land
* We also teach from various perspectives, trying to pull permaculture out of the agricultural bubble and find ways it can be applied in other fields of study and practice.
* We are also right on the beach!!