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Internships, Volunteers & Employment


There is a lot to offer in the jungle, the experiences are vast and Mother Nature is our greatest teacher. Come live and work at Punta Mona to explore your ingenuous self, use your skills and gain ones you never knew you had! 

Punta Mona is one of the more beautiful places to work, take your break in the warm Caribbean and watch the days float by...




Kitchen Staff...

Looking for an experienced person to work full time in the kitchen to oversee:

Meal Preparation

Cleanliness and Organization of Kitchen and Storage Bodegas

Assist with Food Ordering

Recycling, Trash, Compost 

Field to the Plate Cuisine

Shift Scheduling



8 hours per day, 6 days per week
Lodging and All Meals included
$350 per month stipend + Permaculture Design Course after 6 months of service


Please send applicaiton and letter of intent to




Domestic Goddess... 

One who is awed by and not afraid of nature. Who appreciates and can manage a clean & organized home. Someone who will be responsible for the front end of the Punta Mona guest house and retreat center. One who loves plants and foods, who has experience gardening/harvesting/cooking farm to table style cuisine and finds peace in oragnization and cleanliness…


You must be able ot balance living and working in community.

Hospitable and open. Fluent in Spanish, has taken a PDC and loves outdoor tropical living. Experience in hotels/restaurant/retreats a must!! 


1-5 year commitment...

please email directly with resumé and letter of intent addressing the above criteria…
Check out the opportunities page for more info and application!

This is a paid position, which includes meals & lodging.

please send application to




Punta Mona is Currently seaking volunteer staff in the following areas:

Housekeeping, Kitchen and around the Farm.

Partial Worktrade Includes: 

Lodging, Organic Vegetarian Meals, Partial Workshop Participation


$700 for the first month, depending on your time frame and experience, the tuition ranges from $250-$500 per month, or a worktrade (dependant again on your level of experience)

Volunteers at Punta Mona enjoy the gift of living close to the land, working with a skilled and life long learning husband and wife team. We are open to your creativity as well as having you work with in our ever evolving vision as we further cultivate Punta Mona into a world class education center, botanical collection, permaculture farm and eco-lodge. 

You will enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor, the serene and sometimes intense ecosystem, beach front, jungle clad living, close to the elements and connecting with your Gaia rhythm. You can kayak, fish, snorkel, hike into Puerto Viejo to enjoy the night life, cool people, evolved services (bodywork, yoga, dance, art and more) and the weekly farmers market.

 Please apply ONLY if you meet the following criteria:


~ you are able to commit for 3-six months up to 1 year

~ you have agricultural/gardening/landscaping/practical permaculture knowledge/kitchen/hospitality/grounds &/or house keeping experiences,
not necessarily tropical, not necassarily all....

~ you are committed to work 6 days per week, about 8 hours per day

~ you are clean, organized, intelligent, creative, fun, multi-skilled, a problem solver, adaptive, not afraid to get down and dirty, drama free, independent, loving, open minded, communicative, professional and able to work on a team.


General Duties Include:

~ helping to maintain the infrastructure: building cleanliness & organization, general handy work, trails and beach 

~ kitchen participation: shared cooking duties, kitchen cleanliness & organization, slow food and field to the plate cuisine, harvesting and propagating food

~ feeding the animals: we currently have 2 cats, 2 ducks and 15 chickens, we will soon be adding two goats

~ hospitality: helping with groups, guests and workshops

gardens: chopping brush, composting, weeding, planting, propagation (seed, cutting, airlayering, grafting), harvesting, creating new gardens, turning old ones 

Kitchen Crew:

At Punta Mona we are dedicated to the principals of Slow Food, field to the plate, creative cuisine that is nutritious, filled with love and as sustainably raised, grown and collected as possible.

You will be a part of a 4-5 person team that will be feeding up to 35 people, 3 meals per day. Our food is primarily vegetarian, though we indulge in sustainably raised and prepared chicken, beef and fish as well as eggs and various forms of dairy. We explore raw, vegan and various ethnic cuisines as well as our own style of Caribbean cooking...

We consider our food jungle gourmet and spend a great deal of time planning and preparing each meal. We harvest minutes prior to preparation and cook many dishes over the fire.

Expect to work at least 2 meals per day, planning, preparing, cooking and cleaning. This duty will be shared with other staff and occasionally you will be putting more hours in to support larger groups and workshops.

To apply for this position please send a letter of intent to with 3 practical applications in the kitchen as well as 3 references. Experience, team playing, cleanliness, organizational skills, great attitude is all a must!! Proficiency in the Spanish language is also required.


Grounds & House Keeping:

At Punta Mona we are dedicated to the providing a living experience that is close to the land, connecting our inner rhythms with that of Mother Nature. Our homes are built from fallen native hard woods, bamboo, cana brava, coral and other found and cultivated materials. Living in the jungle is never static and we are daily trying to improve the infrastructure through cleaning, constructing, deconstructing, repurposing and reconfiguring our living and work space.

You will be a part of a 4-5 person team of volunteers and local laborers, friends and family working to keep Punta Mona flowing. 


Field to Plate Farming & Gardening

~ Working the gardens and in the greater farm by propagating, planting, harvesting, pruning, cleaning, reforesting, etc...

~ Connecting with the kitchen daily to assess needs

~ Working within educational programming schedule to make sure food is planted for larger groups

~ Maintaining trails & esthetics, general landscaping

~ Maintaing and guiding Green House management

~ To learn the infrastructure systems such as rain catchment, well and solar systems. 

~ Working hand in hand with local laborers

~ Occasional farm tours for guests and educational groups




Expect to work at least 8 hours per day in your respective zone, as well as doing shared shifts in the kitchen.

To apply for this position please send a letter of intent to with 3 practical applications in the above areas, as well as 3 references. 

Experience, team playing, cleanliness, organizational skills, great attitude is all a must!! Proficiency in the Spanish language is also required.

All meals, lodging and internet are provided by Punta Mona Center.

Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you!!! 

fill out application below and mail to


We are currently accepting a limited number of volunteers for long term, 3-6 month and one year stays.

These are partial work trade positions, which include meals and lodging.

** If you have kitchen, grounds &/or house keeping/hospitality experience, please reach out! **

First Month Trial: $700



We only are accepting a limited number ... All additional volunteer applications have the option to volunteer at our sister project, Tacotal Eco-Village. Located 45 minutes west of San Jose on the Rio Machuca, Tacotal is a permaculture based, homesteading community of 33 international families, looking for volunteers. Rate is $400 per month.





Application Process:

please send to




Time Frame for Participation:

Hometown & Current Location:


Experience: (in regards to: hospitality/restaurant/hotel/kitchen, grounds keeping, housekeeping, farming/gardening, greenhouse, construction, education, management, administrative, organizational)

Tropical Exposure: (please comment on your travel experiences, length of stays, etc... in tropical zones)

Outdoor Experience: 

Certifications &/or Trainings:

Level of Education: 


Why do you want to be a part of Punta Mona:

Best Personal Qualities:

Challenging Personal Qualities:

Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?:

Level of Physical Stamina: 

Sign (optional):  

Existing Medical Conditions:

How did you hear about us?



We have friends near by who also offer volunteer positions:

Finca Inti permaculture Farm  


 We are a 14 acres  farm on the caribbean side of Costa Rica .We are committed to sustainability and protecting mother earth.

The farm has been planted with an wonderful diversity in exotic fruit trees , spices ,and ornamentals .And many edible crops and medicinal herbs .Excellent bird watching spot .

+To visit the farm , we offer different options , please refer to our website to see what best suits you, for more detail information

 From the farm you can also take the opportunity to enjoy our very intresting neighbors like Don Candido, an indigenous medicine man, that will gladly shared his knowledge of plants and beliefs inviting you into his personal medicinal garden. Or our friend Doña Petronilla who has been supporting her family with cacao, she process the bean the way her mother taught her,and loves to share traditional chocolate ways and stories .

At Finca Inti you can expect to eat delicious organic meals, mostly harvested at farm, if we dont grow it we will get it organic, supporting organic growers is most important to us. 


on Facebook : fincainti talamanca

email to, please let us know if you found us through the Punta Mona website...


Thank you!

-Alejandra & Tristan






Jardines de Gaia Termales

20 acres of fertile hot springs located 40 minutes of San Jose in the mountains of San Cristobal de Amparados. We offer creative opportunities for volunteers to participate in community life, creative and conscious living based on permaculture principals and indigenous wisdom.

Volunteer Opportunities available for $10 per day with an exchange of 5 hours of work, 6 days per week

Job Duties: Bio-Intensive Gardening, Drying and Preparing Superfoods, Housekeeping, Garden Maintanance, Selling and Representing us in organic markets around San Jose and more!

Included: hot springs, camping, organic vegetarian meals, body work, yoga, meditation, martial arts 

50% off workshops

Please contact Silvio for more information