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Cultivate: AcroYoga, Aerial Silks & Hoop
February 15 - 21, 2015


A jungle immersion in a unique and remote part of Caribbean Costa Rica. Enjoy living on a tropical permaculture farm while being steps away from the beach. Cultivate your diverse skills in this tropical training with established performers and teachers. Participants will engage in all three disciplines while choosing one to "specialize" in.


After the retreat, our new jungle family will take a tour through Costa Rica visiting a chocolate farm, the Bri-Bri tribe, zip-lining, and relaxing in the gorgeous waterfalls of Uvita before heading through the gates of the Envision Festival!



This is an all inclusive package with all meals, transportation, entrance fees, and lodging covered from the time you step foot off the plane! A non-refundable deposit (some exceptions allowed) of $500 will hold your spot. Details below...





Sunday, February 15th to Sunday, February 22nd

$1500 - All inclusive retreat (not including airfare). 



Tour plus Envision Festival:

Sunday, February 22nd to Sunday, March 1

$2300 - All inclusive retreat and tour package (not including airfare).


Three partial scholarships will be offered.




Retreat includes for participants:


-Transport from airport to hotel
-Overnight stay at Adventure Inn,, in San Jose
-Private group transport from San Jose to Manzanillo (Manzanillo is where we pick up the boat to Punta Mona).
-All housing (shared rooms)
-3 organic meals per day with an emphasis on what we harvest from the farm - jungle gourmet! And balanced with healthy smoothies, salads, and raw delights (much harvested from the farm, but also ordered in from another organic farm that we work closely with).
-Full access to kayaks and snorkels.
-All workshops offered in the retreat.
-Body care package - participants will make natural body care products then as a group take a 10 minute walk along the beach to the river where we take a mud bath, rinse then scrub with our newly made products.
-Chocolate making workshop!
-Full farm tour and farm to table day, where we learn about the farm, harvest our food for lunch, and cook together.
-Community outreach day. Part of the tuition includes money allocated to work in the Gandoca Pueblo (our nearest neighbor) in an effort to lessen the effects of tourism and agrobuisness (aka Banana Plantations) by helping to build other income sources through projects such as fruit tree planting, green house building (our last retreat built a green house - small and quick, but so helpful). We will be served lunch and given demonstrations of traditional ways of doing things from making coconut oil, to cheese making, to making coffee from harvest to beverage! This, I would like all teachers to be present for as exemplary leadership.
-Free day - optional classes/activities for small extra charge such as dolphin tour, medicinal plant medicine making or just relax in the hammock and stare at the ocean...!




Post-retreat Tour Includes:


-All food, transportation, accommodations, and entrance fees.
-Zip Lining through the tree tops of the rainforest.
-Chocolate Farm Tour - A tour of a local chocolate farm and small factory that produces some of the best chocolate on the planet!
-Kekoldi Reservation tour of the indigenous Bri Bri where we will learn about traditional Bri Bri food and culture.
-Waterfalls of Uvita - breathtaking scenery and refreshing waters give us a nice day of relaxation before we head into Envsion Festival!
Please note. The tour price includes camping once inside the Envision Festival. (For those wishing other accommodations during Envision, hotels are available near the festival grounds but will need to organized and payed for separately.)


Lead Facilitators:





Luna Breeze


Luna is playful magic, charm, and skill combined into one mesmerizing spectacle. Best known for her sleek and technical integration of dance and circus hula hooping, Luna commands the stage with a background in dance-hoop, fire performance, yoga, aerial acrobatics and fearless expression. Since 2006 she has been charming audiences nationally and internationally. Luna has traveled to India hired by Samsung Mobile to promote the 2008 Olympic games, and has worked with acclaimed contemporary circus companies such as Quixotic Fusion, and Pendulum Aerial Arts. In 2011 Luna was visionary and Co-founder of “MoonDrop Circus” a successful, community driven circus act in Kansas City, Missouri. She currently trains and performs with Pendulum Aerial Arts in Portland, Oregon.


Luna's teaching style is equally as magnetic as her performance style. Meeting her students with mastery, compassion and a sense of humor, Luna transforms learning challenges into uplifting, playful, explorations. Luna is “2012 Hoop Instructor of the Year” on, and was nominated for "Female Hooper of the Year" in 2013. She has both taught and performed at acclaimed festivals across the globe including Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Electric Forest Music Festival, IJA Festival, Periplo Circus Convention, Hoop Camp, Florida Flow Fest, Spin Summit, and many more. She is also co-presenter of an advanced hula-hoop retreat “In-Depth” based in Hawaii, created by her beloved and famous yogini blood sister, Shakti Sunfire.

In short, Luna thrives within the lovable delusion that she will change the world one smile at a time, her weapon of choice being a plastic circle, and cheesy dad jokes. 



Rachel McMeachin


Rachel began working as a fire performer in the summer of '96 while involved with a band called Crash Worship. She went on to work in a side show circus Voodoo Funhouse performing with fire, dancing on broken glass, bed of nails and bullwhip tricks in the early 2000's.

In 2006 Rachel began studying aerial silks with Lynn Coleman (producer of the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival in - Denver). She continued her aerial training with other professional performers and teachers such as Lara Paxton from Circus Contraption, Rain Wilson of Paper Doll Militia, and Elsie Smith of New England Center of Circus Arts, as well as various aerialists on the Cirque Du Soleil performance roster. 

Aerial work then led her into the world of other physical expression, namely Yoga and AcroYoga. She began studying AcroYoga with founder Jason Nemer in 2007 and began training and traveling to work and play with Acroyogis from all over the world. Rachel received her Yoga teaching certification in 2009 at Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja Mexico and in 2011 became a certified AcroYoga teacher in Corfu Greece. She is one of 300 certified AcroYoga teachers in the world.

Rachel created the first aerial school in Kansas City starting in 2006 where she has been teaching and hosting a variety of circus, dance, and movement classes. She has trained many students that have gone on to perform and become aerial instructors in most of the other aerial groups in the area. As well as creating a fun, safe and invigorating space for students who are just looking for a new way to stay fit and healthy.

You can find Rachel at Voler: Thieves of Flight for booking performance troops as well as classes and private lessons in the KC area.



Sara Laimon Luke & Whakapaignia 



Born in Wisconsin, Sara has always been connected to nature.  She grew up above a bait shop and the formative part of her life has spent trying to protect humans from over consuming our earth's finite resources.  In her studies and practice she has watched humans who are connected to their surroundings have a less likely chance of destroying it.  Her connection to Yoga happened early on in life, because it allowed her to connect breath, mind, movement, and spirit to source.  

Her discovery during her years of practicing has given her a desire to share this insight with as many humans as possible;  if you connect yourself to source you will be happier.  Yet, sometimes yoga was boring, just doing it on her mat, without the human connection. 

The day she found herself on top of someone’s feet, flying,  her life has never been the same.  Sara always wanted to share a different approach to yoga, an approach with more fun, play, joy, and transformation.  Sara has been a yoga teacher/partner yoga teach for a long time, but in 2012 became a certified acroyoga teacher with her love/husband/partner/co-teacher Whakapaingia.  Therefore, yoga becomes  double the fun, because now she can teacher others how to play together.  They get to experience the joy, the play, and the connection yoga gives while strengthen their connection/relationships to other humans.


Whakapaingia has been an athlete since he could walk and continued to explore the following; running, jumping, hitting, judo swimming, rowing, paddle boarding and rugby. 

It was not until 2005, when he welcomed an adventure that a plane ticket from New Zealand to Los Angeles to just meet Mickey Mouse would bring. He ontinued his life-long rugby career with Santa Monica Rugby Club, but noticed the toll that rugby took on his body.  That was the moment that Whakapaingia started his healing journey. He thought that yoga was for girls and not for someone like him.  It was not long after starting his practice that he noticed his body was healing without drugs, without surgery; his body knew how to heal itself.   This healing path  led Whakapaingia to become a certified Yoga teacher and Thai Massage practitioner. Shortly after being certified in Yoga he found a new passion, AcroYoga.  Hence, the creation of Koha Yoga was born in 2009.   Koha is the Maori word for gift. He helps people discover their gifts of trust, joy, laughter, play, balance, release through Flying Thai Massage, AcroYoga, Yoga and Paddle-boarding.  In 2012 he officially became a certified teacher with his wife/partner/co-teacher Sara Laimon Luke.







For more information about the retreat please email:





Coming SOON!!!




Punta Mona Center for Botanical Studies: Herbal Education
one weekend a month for 13 months
Starting May 2015! 







Past Retreats:


Jungle Goddess Camp

The ultimate jungle overnight camp for women of all ages and from all parts of the world, with an open invitation to disconnect to reconnect collectively and individually. Explore how creative and brilliant you are by sharing your unique gifts at our table. Journey, off the grid and on the beach, away from the excessive artificial light and sounds, at one of Costa Rica’s most developed and diverse botanical gardens and organic permaculture farm.
Experience guided meditations, organic jungle gourmet cuisine, teatime with intention, indulge in natural mud baths and homemade body care, nature crafts, chocolate making, medicinal plant remedies, permaculture, dance, song, focused open discussions and so much more!
We are asking that each woman bring a specialty to the table, in any shape or form. Perhaps it is your writing, drawing, dancing, cooking, the ability to calm another with the touch of your hand... all talents are welcomed. 
Activites in: Daily Yoga, Guided Meditations/Journeys, Jungle Exploration, Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking, Holistic Cooking, Organic Body Care and Medicinal Plant Recipes, Natural Mud baths, Creating Sacred Spaces, Journaling, Art/Crafts, Dance, Song and Focused discussions on feminism, food, family, global communities and sustainability.




Sustainable Art & Farm Experience

Classes offered - Cacao indulgence, Jungle to Plate, Kitchen Remedies,  World of Coconut, Fermented Foods, Medicinal Plant Walk, Sketchbook Making, Jungle Printmaking, Kitchen Alter Building, Abstract Painting, Yoga, and few surprises. 

You will enjoy sea kayaking, mud bathing, wandering extensive gardens and orchards, fishing, laying on the beach and indulging in amazing jungle organic gourmet cuisine. We will offer Daily Yoga, Art Time, Organic Cooking Classes, and opportunities to gain a better understanding of permaculture. 

Gain the power of community, imagination, organic living, and jungle relaxation! 

Trip goal: Destination Journey is excited to extend this fabulous opportunity that combines a love for food, education, health and art in a stunning place that is Costa Rica.  We want to offer you an experience that will last a lifetime. You will walk away with a wealth of knowledge!




Costa Rica Plant Spirit Medicine Retreat

A week-long course in plant spirit healing and tropical plant medicine, located at Punta Mona, an 85-acre organic farm and Center for Sustainable Living and Education located on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Two week long courses are being offered to those interested in learning about the medicine of tropical plant species from around the world, exploring their cultural history and ancient medicinal uses.

Each course will focus on the ecology, history, and ethnobotany of culturally significant tropical plants, hands on medicine making, and an experiential process of forming relationships with the plant spirits of the rainforest. Courses will be a combination of plant walks, medicine making, plant spirit journeys, and explorations in ethnobotany.



Yoga. Meditation. Interconnectedness.


Come experience your yoga by venturing off the grid and exploring one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems. We will practice yoga and meditation daily, and relax into the abundance of Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean jungle. Join us for 9 full days of snorkeling, kayaking, medicinal plant & farm tours, sensory experience meditations, cooking, hiking, mud baths, chocolate making, leatherback sea turtle expeditions, dolphin tours, and more!

The retreat will begin and end in the mountains above Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose, in a town called Heredia. Danielle’s alma mater, Whitworth University, operates a stunning 27-acre campus alongside Costa Rica's renowned Braulio Carrillo National Park, a dense virgin cloudforest that is home to more than 650 bird and mammal species as well as the 9,534-foot inactive Barva Volcano. We will then continue on to Punta Mona, an 85-acre off the grid, family owned environmental education center, botanical collection, permaculture farm and eco-lodge, dedicated to sustainable ways of living.