Medicinal Plants Workshops - Punta Mona Center Costa Rica

Medicinal Plant Workshops

medicinal plants workshops

Herbalism is the study and practice of botany, ethnobotany, pharmacology, phytochemistry, biology, ecology, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, permaculture, farming, gardening, conservation, restoration, activism, alchemy, history, mythology, allegory, first aide, community health, counseling, psychiatry, storytelling, witchcraft and more!!

To understand the relationship between the plants, people, the land, the waters and all her children, we need to study and practice every day! Learn from those who came before, learn from those who live with the soil and learn from your own experience!

At Punta Mona we have cataloged over 150 medicinal plants, trees and fungi, they are native, naturalized and exotic parts of our extensive botanical collection.

Please check out the various learning experiences we have and come spend time with the abundant and magical tropical medicinal plants!