Passion Yoga School Presents the Silent Seva Retreat

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Silent Seva Retreat

JANUARY 23 – 27, 2018

Take a 5-Day Vow of Silence in Costa Rica to raise money for women rescued from Human Trafficking in Kolkata, India

The upcoming retreat funds housing construction for women who have been rescued or are at risk for being exploited by the Human Trafficking industry in Kolkata, India.

Those who take this 5-day vow of silence play a key role in funding noteworthy projects around the world which awaken and empower the divine feminine. In this way, they help create a world where the lives of women everywhere are changed for the better – where suffering and inequality and indifference is replaced with compassion and justice and empowerment.

We rigorously research and investigate worthy non-profits, NGOs, and other organizations with a track-record of creating high-impact projects that benefit women and children. The funds raised from each Silent Seva Retreat are distributed to such organizations and causes.

Adi PM Yoga Shala

Arrive in front of Maxi’s Restaurant for boat schuttle at 2pm on January 23. Depart 11am on January 27 from Punta Mona. Do not schedule flights until the 28th. Boat taxi fee to Punta Mona is your responsability.


Punta Mona, near Manzanillo, Costa Rica


 $600 – Cost of Accommodation + Meals + Retreat Activities

+$500 – Required Tax-Deductible donation to cause

=$1100 TOTAL

Book NOW!
$180 Due now to book, the rest is due November 27


Meals, shared accommodation, daily reatreat activities
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