Medicines from the Edge: A Tropical Herbal Convergence

October 19 – 22, 2017

Join us for a gathering of herbal and plant enthusiasts from the Americas to celebrate our diversity, learn and share experiences about the abundant plant medicines found in the Neo-Tropics.

herbal medicine from the edge

Costa Rica, a bridge between North and South America has diverse micro-climates where we can find temperate familiars and exotic rainforest healers. Explore the range of ethnobotanically significant plants from indigenous, Afro-Caribbean and Costa Rican traditions used by healers from around the world.

Teachers are from Costa Rica and abroad comprising of folk herbalists, ethnobotanical intellectuals, clinical herbalists, granny healers, kitchen witches, biologists, curanderos, botanists, permaculturists, conservationists
and environmental activists.