Kula Collective 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

The Kula Collective
March 8 – April 1, 2017

Live your practice in the wild. Learn to share what you love.

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Envision your
25 day
RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training

At our Costa Rica RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training every moment is breathtaking.  We start our day with what is real, filled with the power of nature.  We wake with the sun, we breathe with the sounds, we meditate in the open air and move with the rhythms of the jungle.

Draw on the healing effects that a connection to nature provides while learning a holistic approach to teaching. Alongside a powerful connection to the physical experience of yoga, through alignment, thai massage-style adjustment and anatomical principles, we will explore the energetic principles that unite the practices of Yoga and Shamanism. With strong and compassionate guidance, you will receive extra focus on the transformation of personal experience into creative power, using tools such as fire ceremony, visual  journeying, cleansing practices and energetic meditations, which will inspire and empower as you step on this new journey as teacher and healer.

Experience the sweetness of life while dancing to the heartbeat of the jungle beaches by moonlight.  Swim in the warm, shallow waters of the Caribbean and experience the magic of living your passion. Use Earth Medicine practices, sacred ceremony and the wisdom of the Andes to transform your world, understand your soul’s journey and reveal your true connection to Self.  Eat, breathe and live yoga as you immerse yourself in the holistic lifestyle of the oldest Permaculture farm in Costa Rica.

Follow the call to la Pura Vida, where the strong bonds of lifelong practice and family friendship await you.  Disconnect from the swirl of the every-day world as you connect to the immense power of nature in the Caribbean coastal jungle!

yoga teacher training center  We taste the beauty of the wild as we learn in the open air, drawing constantly from the elements of the Earth to help us in our process of discovery and using the natural wisdom of the land that is offered.

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At the Kula Collective, we believe that within each of us lies a guru, a wise one who knows the truth behind each of our thoughts, words, and actions, an ancient soul that sees through to the essence of all things and knows all there is to be known.
Through our RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Trainings we will help reveal the voice of this wise one, giving you the tools and language you need to share the spiritual practice of yoga and empowering you to trust in the channel of truth you carry.
The Kula Collective offers a variety of different programs of study that all fall within the Yoga Alliance RYT-200 standards.  Each of our programs is unique and channels the wisdom and gifts of the particular facilitators that offer them.  Throughout each program runs a common thread that unites our offerings – the deep respect for ancient wisdom and tradition, the passion for creative spirituality and the strong connection our collective has with the natural environment.

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Jessi Long Towne Smith
Julia Randall
Zachary Towne Smith

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