Herbal First Aid Clinical with 7Song and Envision Festival

Herbal First Aid Clinical with 7Song & Envision Festival
February 12 – 26, 2017

Tour Envision Herbal First Aid Clinic

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Punta Mona is happy to welcome back 7Song to the farm with an immersive field clinical workshop featuring practices and procedures for the practicing herbalist. This will be our third year offering this clinical experience!

**Please note this workshop is for those who are mature and dedicated to learning and practicing herbalism.
Beginner, intermediate and advanced herbal students are welcome to join us in the field to learn from your community, and the plants.**

This training will begin at Punta Mona and continue with the Envision Festival Free Herbal Clinic where students will be fully immersed in service to the attendees, staff and volunteers of Envision, providing them with holistic health services and first aid to make the jungle experience a little easier.

Students are required to work 4-6 hours per day of the festival in the clinic, participate in set up and break down.

You will receive 40 hours class time followed by 20+ hours clinical.

Tuition: $1500 (does not includes tax)

All workshops and class materials
Glamping (fancy beautiful tents) and meals at Punta Mona
Three meals during the Envision build and 1 meal a day during the festival
Festival shower pass
Admission to Envision as a Staff Member
Travel to Envision via private bus
Excursion to the  Ark Herb Farm
Hotel lodging and dinner in San Jose
Transportation via boat to/from Manzanillo and Punta Mona
Students must bring their own sheets, towels and tent for Envision Festival

*tent rentals are available via Envision Festival registration, we will not be bringing the glamping tents from Punta Mona

Date Outline:

February 12 – Arrive to Punta Mona in the morning, it is recommended that you stay the night in Manzanillo on the 11th
February 12-17, 2016 – Punta Mona Center Workshop
February 18 & 19 – Journey to San Jose, stay the night to wash laundry and decompress, have dinner in town. Following day, breakfast at hotel, and have an excursion to the Ark Herb Farm for a tour and linch.
February 20 – 21 – Clinic Set Up and Service to Staff and Volunteers
February 22- 25 – Envision Clinic
February 26 – Closing Circle and Clinic Breakdown

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Lead –



Ithaca Health Alliance and Free Clinic
Northeast School of Botanical Medicine

Assistant –

Sarah Wu
Medicines from the Edge: a tropical herbal convergence

Topics Covered:
Orientation to jungle life, safety and community health issues
Formulation for the Practicing Herbalist
Free Clinic and Street Medic: Practicing as a Clinical Herbalist in a Free Clinic
Introduction to Tropical Materia Medica
Farm Tour with a Medicine Plant Focus
First Aid, Emergency Medicine
Principal Plants in Herbal First Aid
Herbs for Pain and Trauma
Wound Care
Preparing a Practical Home Herbal First Aid Kit
Setting up a First Aid Station

Physiology/Pathophysiology – Herbal Medicine and Treatment Approaches for the:
Urinary System
Female Reproductive
Immune and Lymphatic System
Respiratory System
Skin Ailments
Digestive System
Muscolo-Skeletal System
Nervous System


Herbal Field Care

Student Profile:

You do not necessarily need experience in herbal medicine to participate in this workshop and clinical. We expect students to have a sincere desire to be in service to not only Envision but to their community at large. Students must be aware that we will be working along with conventional medics, professional EMTs, Doctors, Nurses and other trained first aid and harm prevention practitioners. You must be open to all modalities based on the need of the patient, not on your own projected ideal of what healing is. Acute care also known as First Aid is about rapid and effective response, working within our own skill level and scope of experience to provide the safest and most thorough care possible.

While we will make sure each student gets a chance to work with patients, we also reserve the right based on our experience and knowledge to vet the students appropriately within their skill, knowledge and comfort levels.

As participants in this clinic, you will gain experience, confidence and perspective into the vast realm of herbal medicine. We need herbalists on the ground practicing, and this happens with your participation!


Once you are accepted you can make your deposit to hold your space HERE.

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Experience in First Aid:

Other Certifications (Wilderness First Responder, CPR, Lifeguard, etc) & are they up to date?:

Favorite Herbal First Aid Remedies and Why:

Outdoor Experience:

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